Binance Coin (BNB) takes off – here’s what’s behind it

Binance Coin (BNB) takes off – here’s what’s behind it

The crypto exchange Binance’s exchange-owned token has been one of the top performers of the year. Now Binance has introduced a new feature for BNB that has helped the Binance Coin soar to new heights.

Led by the crypto lead horse Bitcoin, the overall market is currently showing its bullish side. The Binance Coin (BNB) is also in seventh heaven. With a daily gain of 15.17 per cent, BNB stands out among the top 10 coins with the biggest price increase. While the growing adaptation of the Bitcoin Loophole Binance Smart Chain (BSC) was primarily responsible for the strong performance in recent weeks and days, something else is behind the BNB rally this time.

Binance is now offering to stake BNB. This is according to an announcement by the crypto exchange, which Binance published on its homepage yesterday, 9 March. According to this, BNB holders can now use their tokens to generate passive income. Users can deposit their BNB for 15, 30, 60 or 90 days. The conditions depend on the duration of the lock-up period and the deposited amount, among other things.

Binance Coin Staking – an end in itself?

Binance Coin Staking is limited – according to the motto: first come, first served. It is therefore not surprising that the BNB Staking Option was sold out shortly after its launch. In any case, with NBB Staking you don’t have to give in to the illusion that you are participating in a decentralised network. The exchange has the final say on who belongs to the 21 validators of the Binance Smart Chain. It is not for nothing that the consensus mechanism of the BSC is called „Proof of Staked Authority“ – who qualifies as an „authority“ is ultimately determined by Binance.

The limited contingent of BNB Staking products ultimately points more to a marketing campaign than to an intended decentralisation of the network. For the BNB holders, however, concerns about centralisation are unlikely to dampen the bullish mood. Even those who missed the entry into NBB Staking could already profit from the mere announcement.

The Fed sets its conditions for a digital dollar

That is the demand of the people ? – Last Wednesday, the Federal Reserve released a discussion paper that sets out some of the preconditions for the launch of the digital dollar by the US central bank. The Fed seems to be really looking into the subject since Jerome Powell, Governor of the Federal Reserve, intends to discuss with the public on the possibility of a digital dollar.

Fed wants public opinion on its digital dollar

Powell offered his comments at the House of Representatives‘ Financial Services Committee hearing on Wednesday in response to questions about the concept of the digital dollar .

“It will be an important year. This will be the year in which we actively engage with the public. ”

Jerome Powell, Governor of the Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve analysts report identifies four preconditions for the advent of a digital dollar:

the creation of clear political objectives for the currency;
the existence of a comprehensive legal framework ;
obtain broad support from stakeholders (banks, financial institutions, companies, etc.);
prepare the market for the arrival of this innovation.

Yet the Fed has no plans to present an official plan to the public . According to Powell, the political and technical questions surrounding a central bank digital currency remain . The Fed will therefore look to the public for feedback on the problems it has identified before proposing an action plan .

In the meantime, the Bitcoin Billionaire app is working on solutions to the technical challenges it has identified. It is also in talks with other central banks exploring the concept of central bank digital currency.

China leads the race for state digital currencies

The People’s Bank of China (PBoC) is currently exploring a cross-border digital currency project in collaboration with central banks in Thailand, Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates.

At the same time, the Chinese central bank is continuing its tests on its territory. The next deadline will be a distribution of 40 million yuan ( 6 million dollars ) in the form of a lottery in a city in the southwest of the country. To participate , citizens will only have to register on a site. The PBoC, in its quest for monetary hegemony, therefore becomes the first central bank to provide for an airdrop  ! China seems to be making great strides with its project with its international partners.

These advances should not reassure the United States, which is bringing the subject back to the forefront. However, it seems unlikely that public consultation is the right way to get ahead of China on the matter.

LTC supera los $ 150 y alcanza el precio más alto desde 2018

LTC enfrenta una resistencia de $ 185 y $ 225, respectivamente.

El recuento de ondas sugiere que LTC ha comenzado un impulso alcista con sus mínimos de marzo.

LTC / BTC se enfrenta a una resistencia de ₿0,008

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El 4 de enero, el El precio de Litecoin (LTC) alcanzó un máximo de $ 173, un máximo no visto desde 2018.

Si bien podría continuar aumentando y alcanzar el área de resistencia de $ 185, parece que el repunte actual es muy alto y pronto seguirá un movimiento correctivo.

Movimiento a largo plazo de LTC

El gráfico semanal muestra que LTC finalmente se ha movido por encima de los máximos de junio de 2019 en $ 145 y en realidad ha alcanzado un cierre semanal por encima de este nivel.

Si continúa aumentando, las siguientes áreas de resistencia estarían en $ 186 y $ 225, los niveles de retroceso de Fibonacci de 0.5 y 0.618, respectivamente.

Los indicadores técnicos son alcistas, lo que respalda la posibilidad de una ruptura y un movimiento gradual hacia las áreas de resistencia descritas.

El comerciante de criptomonedas @ Pentosh1 describió un gráfico, indicando que una vez que se rompe el área de resistencia final en $ 140, es probable que siga un movimiento ascendente significativo.

Desde el tweet, LTC se ha movido por encima de este nivel y, por lo tanto, es probable que continúe aumentando.

El gráfico diario muestra signos de debilidad, en forma de divergencia bajista en el RSI. Sin embargo, tanto el MACD como el Oscilador Estocástico son alcistas.

Debido a la tasa de aumento muy rápida, no hay áreas de apoyo significativas. El más cercano está en $ 120.

El gráfico de dos horas muestra signos de continuación en forma de divergencia alcista oculta en el RSI. Combinado con la mecha inferior larga, esto sugiere que es probable que LTC se mueva hacia arriba.

BTC 2021: The rocket launches into the air era

You know that sublime feeling when the sun eventually shines through after the fog?

With the winter solstice and the coinciding Jupiter/Saturn conjunction of December 21, 2020, the energy turns on all levels and a new light begins to shine through. We have finally arrived in the air epoch – this also applies to Bitcoin.

A guest contribution by Reiner Schmidt: Today a retiree, artist and hobby astrologer, the trained banker, old hippie, globetrotter and long-time quality manager would like to take a completely different, unusual look at crypto, blockchain and the new era.

The digitalization of our living world began: computers, smartphones and the Internet guided us from the clunky, coarse-pixelated calculating machines of the late earth epoch over to the subtle clouds, data networks and holograms of the air epoch. The data networks, in turn, were the basis of blockchain tecnology, which in turn is the basis for Bitcoin Millionaire review and other cryptocurrencies. In the last decades, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media were developed and changed our habits of communication. It was only through social media that the idealistic philosophy of Blockchain and Bitcoin could spread worldwide and a global community could emerge.

Saturn (structure, testing) moved into Aquarius on Dec. 17, 2020 (until March 2023) – the sign of intellectual freedom, friendships, companions, networking and new technologies. And Jupiter (expansion) followed on Dec 19, 2020 (until Dec 29, 2021) also into this air sign. These two giants formed this gigantic conjunction on Dec 21, 2020 at 19:20 CET, which traveled through all media as the Christmas Star or Star of Bethlehem, which means seed laying. Not that immediately everything would be new. But the way for the new is now paved. A fascinating development now lies ahead of us, lifting us out of our conventional thinking onto a more comprehensive level of interconnected togetherness (Aquarius).

December 17, 19, and 21, 2020 were all special days in the cosmos when major frequency changes took place and found to affect all of humanity. Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions are used to measure history in astrology. It is the oldest and most reliable method of determining new developments and changes. The conjunction leads and directly from the old earth epoch into the air epoch. From the materialistic consumer society into an idealistic knowledge society.

The materialistic consumer society

For the last 200 years – since 1802 – we have been in the cycle of the earth element, which is cold and dry. This period pretty much coincided with the Industrial Revolution: There were struggles and wars over resources and goods. Possession and materialism were the big issues of the time. Many new national boundaries were redefined and consolidated. Smoking factories, assembly lines and flows of goods covered the globe. The dogmas of the measurable and the possessable took over the reigns in the zeitgeist.

The idealistic knowledge society

Since 1980, we have been in a transitional phase between earth and air. Globalization – the spread of people, ideas and cultures – is an expression of this. The foundations were laid for the technology of the air epoch. This area has been developed rapidly since the 80s: We can now contact and communicate with anyone at any time, and the latest development with 5G is also part of this.

Bitcoin and Blockchain – The technology of the future.

Capricorn formed the basis on which the air epoch can take flight. The digital infrastructure for taking off into the air was laid in Capricorn in recent years. Example is the horoscope of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a Capricorn with many elements in Aquarius and Pisces, but, that Bitcoin can react so flexibly to changes in the market is due to its „source code“ and this is Capricorn. Bitcoin is thus the currency of the future because these zodiac signs are the defining ones of the new age. Data is the future, the new gold. This is the motto of the air epoch and it can be taken literally.

At the first lockdown, still in the earth epoch, gold still rose strongly and Bitcoin collapsed with the stock market. Now at the second lockdown already in the air epoch, gold is bobbing along and Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are going through the roof. The rocket has taken off. That’s going to continue. Blockchain is one of the great enabling technologies of the air epoch. This goes far beyond the speculative, the store of value as in limited Bitcoin. This is about everything that can coordinate our social lives in a decentralized way. You see this even more clearly with Ethereum.

Sean Ono Lennon sold an NFT art piece for $3,000 at Wrapped Ether

Yoko Ono and John Lennon’s son enters the crypto space with NFT art.

Sean Ono Lennon, British-American musician, composer and producer, auctioned a digital tokenized illustration in the market of non-fungible tokens or NFT, Rarible.

NFT and crypto art can magnify the truth of our reality without censorship
According to Rarible’s data, Lennon sold a piece entitled „Etharian 1“ on December 14 for 5.5 Wrapped Ether (WETH), worth about $3,200 at the time of publication.

The musician later congratulated the owner of the new piece on Twitter: „Congratulations @etyoung on getting the most important drawing ever drawn by anyone! May he treat you kindly in these winter months“.

Bitcoin’s original code artwork sold for $130,000 at Christie’s
Lennon first announced his NFT auction on December 13, noting that it was his first experience with NFT art, as well as his first digital drawing. The artist noted that the girl represented in the artwork „subsists only in Ethereum“.

Cointelegraph to auction digital collectables inspired by famous works of art
NFT tokens have become a major trend in the global art and cryptomoney industry in recent years. In October 2020, Christie’s auction house sold a digital portrait of the Bitcoin code for over $130,000, marking the first NFT auction at a major auction house. In November 2020, Cointelegraph launched its own Non-Fungible Tokens, offering readers the opportunity to purchase digital collectibles focused on blockchain inspired by famous works of art.

These 5 altcoins are competing with each of this week’s major cryptosystems

XRP, Stellar, IOTA and Cardano are the highlights this week in terms of earnings, while traders are predicting an „altseason“.

Bitcoin (BTC) topped $19,000 in a new bullish move, but traders are focusing on the altcoins on November 24.

In what many are heralding as the beginning of the „high season“, large cap cryptomonies are experiencing their biggest gains in three years.

XRP and XLM lead a new „altseason

Cointelegraph takes a look at the top five altcoins, all of which have returned to a market capitalization of at least $1 billion.


Ripple’s XRP token is gaining ground on social networks after a curious break, thanks to its weekly earnings which have exceeded 110%.

At the time of publication, the XRP/USD was trading at $0.62, having reached $0.92 before a sudden drop of 30%, which occurred in conjunction with Coinbase experiencing a major technical disruption.

However, the token is still far from its peak of over $3 or approximately 80% of its historical high.

By comparison, BitQT is now just 3% from its December 2017 record high.

Stellar (XLM)

In the aftermath of XRP’s resurgence, Stellar (XLM) outperformed its daily earnings to exceed $0.18 and deliver over 90% weekly returns.

A classic move for the currency, which tends to follow XRP into the bull markets, Stellar returned to its position from November 2018. Its historical highs are just above $0.60.

Cardano (ADA)

Another major success story this week, Cardano (ADA) exceeded 50% weekly earnings, much of which occurred prior to Wednesday’s altcoin action.

With a market capitalization now in excess of $5 billion, Cardano became the eighth largest crypt currency.

However, in a context of historical highs above $1, there is still plenty of room for investors to see significant returns from previous years.


The fourth largest weekly increase belonged to IOTA (MIOTA) on Wednesday, and weekly earnings totalled just under 50%.

Currently ranked 26th on CoinMarketCap’s crypto currency list, IOTA reached $0.36 this week, but the path to new all-time highs remains decidedly uncertain – they are close to $5.50.

Dash (DASH)

A familiar face among altcoin traders, Dash (DASH), took last place among the week’s gains, with the DASH/USD pair gaining almost 40% in the last 7 days.

At the time of publication the pair was trading at $115, still far from its record high of nearly $1,500.

„Bitcoin’s dominance. In case you were wondering, this is what the altseason looks like,“ said popular trader Scott Melker. „It’s quite reminiscent of 2017. The Alts have a short window for the party, then you go back to Bitcoin, it gets angry. Rinse, repeat ‚“ he added.

„Our week of euphoria over the altcoins was incredible. Now we wait and see.

Korea: telecoms giant launches blockchain wallet for administrative documents

In South Korea, the telecoms giant SK Telecom has announced the launch of a wallet to store administrative documents on the blockchain.

A wallet to store Korean administrative documents

As the local news outlet NewsTomato explains , the wallet will be used to host certificates , which prove that a Korean citizen has administrative documents. This can include insurance certificates, health information, proof of address, etc.

The digital certificates used in this way come directly from the government, more specifically from the “Government24” initiative , which aims to further digitize official documents used in the country. The idea is to promote the use of a mobile application, in order to minimize physical contact in a context of health crisis.

Once stored in the company’s blockchain wallet, document certificates can be shared with institutions that need them, such as banks or other private companies. Sk Telecom also intends to gradually extend the types of certificates compatible with the solution, for example by integrating documents related to the tax sector .

South Korea at the forefront of blockchain adoption?

The head of the Blockchain & Certification department of SK Telecom explains that the solution will only become more democratic in the future:

“ As society rapidly evolves towards a direct contactless society , innovation is required in the process of submitting and processing public certificates […] . We will try to provide safe and suitable services. “

In any case, South Korea is increasingly distinguishing itself from other countries, by adopting blockchain in an ever-increasing number of sectors . Last August, we learned that a million blockchain driver’s licenses have been issued, in order to get rid of the need to use a physical document. In addition, the country has announced that it will release several billion dollars to promote new technologies , including blockchain.

Blackmail and Bitcoin money laundering: Vinnik trial begins in Paris

Vinnik must now stand trial for the $ 4 billion BTC stolen from the Mt. Gox exchange.

The trial of Alexander Vinnik for alleged Bitcoin ( BTC ) laundering worth $ 4 billion began on Monday in Paris

However, despite alleged links to the hack attack on Mt. Gox that stole 300,000 BTC in 2014, prosecutors are focused on a $ 135 million ransomware scam. This was aimed at French companies and organizations between 2016 and 2018.

According to The Associated Press Vinnik is for extortion, money laundering and criminal association charged . 20 victims of the „Locky“ malware have paid a ransom in Bitcoin Code reviews via BTC-e.

Vinnik is said to have been one of the authors of the malware and the former operator of the now offline cryptocurrency exchange. He claimed, however, that he was only a technical advisor at BTC-e and had no knowledge of any wrongdoing.

If Vinnik is found guilty, he faces up to 10 years in prison

As reported by Cointelegraph, Vinnik was arrested in Greece in 2017 at the behest of the US authorities.

A legal tug-of-war followed, in which prosecutors from France, the USA and Russia requested his extradition. Vinnik himself wanted to be extradited to Russia, where he could face lesser sentences.

At the beginning of the year, the Greek authorities decided that he should be extradited first to France, then to the US and finally to Russia.

After his extradition to France, the Russian authorities unsuccessfully requested that he be returned to his home country under house arrest .

Should it come to trial in the United States, he will likely face the $ 4 billion hack attack on Mt. Gox. The 300,000 BTC that were stolen in the hack attack were reportedly laundered via BTC-e and Vinnik’s personal wallets.

Ein neues Monero-Update bringt Verbesserungen bei Leistung

Inmitten der Belohnung der IRS und der Fortschritte der Konkurrenten liefern die Entwickler von Monero ein wichtiges Update

Ein neues Monero-Update bringt Verbesserungen bei Leistung, Geschwindigkeit und Sicherheit unter verstärkter Kontrolle der Strafverfolgungsbehörden und Entwicklungen von Konkurrenten

Erstmals im September angekündigt, gingen die Monero-Entwickler heute mit einem Netzwerk-Update mit einer neuen Version ihrer Knoten-Software mit dem Codenamen „Oxygen Orion“ live. Das Update ist das Produkt von 30 Beiträgen und verspricht erhebliche Verbesserungen in fast allen Aspekten laut Bitcoin Billionaire der Leistung der datenschutzfokussierten Krypto-Währung.

Der Höhepunkt des neuen Updates ist die kompakte verknüpfbare Funktion für spontane anonyme Gruppen (CLSAG). Dem Monero-Blog zufolge wird CLSAG die Transaktionsgrößen um 25 % reduzieren und die Transaktionszeiten um 10 % verbessern, wobei der Datenschutz bei Transaktionen gewahrt bleibt.

schrieben die Entwickler:

„CLSAG ermöglicht kleinere und schnellere Transaktionen bei strikter Sicherheit“.

Zusätzlich zu CLSAG bringt das neue Update Sicherheitsverbesserungen für das Netzwerk, insbesondere im Hinblick auf Dandelion ++, das für das Verbergen von Benutzer-IP-Adressen zuständig ist.

Technisch gesehen handelt es sich bei Monero-Updates um Festplatten, so dass die Netzwerkteilnehmer unbedingt sicherstellen müssen, dass ihre Software auf dem neuesten Stand ist. Benutzer, die ihren XMR in einer Hardware-Brieftasche aufbewahren, müssen mit der neuesten Firmware auf dem neuesten Stand bleiben, so der Blog.

Dieses neueste Update kommt inmitten unsicherer Aussichten für die Krypto-Währung aufgrund des Drucks an mehreren Fronten.

Im September hat die US-Steuerbehörde IRS (Internal Revenue Service) eine Belohnung von bis zu 625.000 Dollar für jeden ausgesetzt, der die Privatsphäre von Monero knacken kann. Darüber hinaus behauptete das Heimatschutzministerium, Software erworben zu haben, mit der Monero-Transaktionen laut Bitcoin Billionaire  verfolgt werden können, obwohl einige Forscher den Wahrheitsgehalt dieser Behauptungen in Frage stellen.

Unterdessen steuert die rivalisierende Datenschutz-Kryptowährung Zcash irgendwann im November dieses Jahres auf eine Halbierung der Veranstaltung zu, was nach Ansicht einiger Analysten zu einer zinsbullischen Preisaktion für den konkurrierenden Vermögenswert führen wird.

Trotz dieses Gegenwinds ist die positive Stimmung in den sozialen Medien für XMR in der vergangenen Woche laut Analysen von TheTIE um etwa 4% gestiegen.

Musiikkijulkkis Murda Beatz tarttuu Bitcoiniin, mahdollisesti Pompin twiittien ohjaamana

Grammy-palkittu musiikkituottaja, DJ ja lauluntekijä Murda Beatz on twiitannut, että hänellä on nyt Bitcoin; se voi johtua Anthony Pomplianon tweeteistä

Musiikkijulkkis Murda Beatz tarttuu Bitcoiniin, mahdollisesti Pompin twiittien ohjaamana
Kansikuva -sivuston kautta

Murda Beatz (todellinen nimi on Shane Lee Lindstrom) on ilmoittanut Twitterissä ostaneensa Bitcoinin, josta on tullut jälleen yksi tuhatvuotinen todiste sääntö siitä, että hänen sukupolvensa suosivat kryptovaluuttoja sijoitusvälineinä.

Murda Beatz siirtyy Bitcoiniin

Aiemmin tänään kanadalainen musiikkiteollisuuden tähti Murda Beatz twiittasi, että hän oli asettanut kätensä Bitcoiniin, josta tuli toinen musiikkitähti salausyhteisössä. Hän syntyi vuonna 1996, jolloin hänestä tuli 26-vuotias.

Tweetissään Murda Beatz merkitsi tunnetun Bitcoin-asianajajan ja talousasiantuntijan Anthony Pomplianon, mikä voi merkitä sitä, että Pompin jatkuva twiittiminen lippulaiva-kryptovaluuttaan ja hänen suosittuun podcastiinsa vaikutti tuottajaan.

Salausyhteisö toivotti Beatzin lämpimästi tervetulleeksi twiittinsä alla olevaan kommenttiketjuun.

Miljardööri Chamath Palihapitiya jakaa osuutensa Bitcoinista ja asteroidien louhinnasta

Muutama vuosi sitten, muu musiikki julkkikset osoitti myös kiinnostusta cryptocurrencies – Monero erityisesti. Jo vuonna 2017 jotkut julkkikset hyväksyivät XMR : n albumeihinsa ja tuotteisiinsa lomakauden aikana.

Heidän joukossaan olivat Morrissey, Marilyn Manson, Alice Cooper, Motorhead, Roger Waters, Slayer, Bush, Scorpions ja muut.